Composites parts

Made in France from A to Z

Every part is made in our own workshop, be it prototypes, moulds or finished products.

Your project begins with the creation of a model, from a computer file or a physical element.

Once validated, a mould is made corresponding to the model. Using this mould, we can produce a single part or a series of parts.

Reliable and durable parts

All parts are made by hand in our workshop in the Nièvre, ensuring optimal quality every time, for every client.

Your parts are dimensioned in perfect alignment with your specifications and offer exceptional reliability.

From design to the finished product

From design of your part right through to every single end product, our expertise is applied at all stages of production to ensure an end result to your entire satisfaction:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Prototype creation
  • Mould creation
  • Production

Our sectors of activity

At Formaplast, we can make absolutely any composite part. On the strength of our 38 years’ experience we have become acknowledged specialists in industrial bodywork, motorsports and furnishings. Take a look at some of our designs!

Industrial bodywork

Create your product, we make spare part for your after sales service.

  • Wheel arches
  • Spoilers
  • Boxes and alcoves

Furnishings and decoration

Original designs both for your interior and for promoting your products or activity.

  • Presentation stand in the shape of your product
  • Reception stand
  • Counters for trade fairs
  • Made to measure furnishings for trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Carbon fibre desks
  • Made to measure tables


Optimal weight, highly reactive production, consistent and robust materials, serving optimal performance for your vehicle.

  • Full bodywork
  • Wheel arches
  • Bumper, blade, splitter
  • Airbox
  • Intake funnel


Type, use, size of parts… the only limit, is your imagination!

  • Roof ventilators
  • Seats for driving simulators

You have a composite part project?

We would love to see it!